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Risk Management

We reduce our clients risks of employment and strategic long term "passenger" costs of recruiting cabin crew in more than 10 countries in Asia Pacific.

Automation Solutions

We increase our clients profitability by more than 10 - 25% year on year by automating repetitive functions of flight operations and crew accommodations solutions globally. We are the ONLY fully automated solutions company in the world with our global partner headquartered in United States of America.

Remote Crew Management

We enhance productivity and more than 15% cost savings by utilizing technology and innovative processes to remote manage cabin crew operations. We are the first and only in the world to achieve this.

Public Relations

Cabin Crew candidates at recruitment are future long term passengers and future leaders of companies and families. Only the top 3% are happy, selected and successful candidates. The 97% are disappointed and very often hurt by the rejection from the airlines as a result of mass recruitment. If we turn candidates away, it's better than the airline doing the "dirty" work themselves. Honestly, people don't like to fail in interviews and they can get personal about it.

Long Term Cost Savings

We provide solutions for containing the cost of hiring international cabin crew on a long term basis, insulated from labor disputes and collective agreements.

Short Term Cost Savings

We provide creative short term solutions for seasonality needs of crew utilization for peak and off peak flight operations. "Pay Only for What You Use" including contract crewing with or without SEP trained cabin crew.

Performance NLP Training

Our background in Corporate Coaching and Cabin Crew Training allows us to train and mould our outsource cabin crew (crew leasing) for optimal attitude and work performance. We train them to become your future supervisors with our proprietary 3.5 months Leadership Training Program. Our "Direct Hire If Proven" concepts have proven to be popular with numerous budget carriers.