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We are absolutely committed to screening for the best candidates into the best possible roles with companies based on their personal attributes, not just skills.

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If you are looking for a recruitment agency that stands out above the rest, look for us.  Not only do we help you position yourself for the best possible jobs, we help you see why you might have failed to get the previous one.  And prevent it from happening again. And again.

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Tired of hiring the wrong candidates or not having the right one show up at your doorstep? Bad hires costs Small & Medium Companies millions in lost revenue.  Imagine what it could do to Fortune 500 Companies.  We prevent these from happening to mission critical businesses.


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Successful Clients and their Hires

Emirates Group

Flight Attendants and Ground Services – Dubai, UAE

Based in cosmopolitan Dubai, Emirates Group hires more than 150 nationalities globally towards their 25,000+ international cabin crew team.  We have been proud of that journey since 2003. 

China Airlines

Cabin Crew Team – New Delhi, India


Bridging the management of two very different cultures: Taiwanese and Indians; languages, culture and food that are worlds apart, yet critical to flight operations that brings the best people together for two technological powerhouse in Asia Pacific since 2002.

All Nippon Airways

Flight Operations Team – South Korea & Taiwan Cabin Crew Team

Helping 300 crew member work seamlessly between 3 cultures: Japanese, Taiwanese and Koreans on a daily basis is not mere child’s play since 2009.  It requires deep insights into cultures, people behaviours and attitudes.


Flight Operations Team – Malaysia based Cabin Crew Team

Helping AirAsia reduce their costs of recruitment during their aggressive business expansions and growth in 2010s.  Every venue they used charged them 5 times more expensive simply because they are AirAsia, a unicorn in the making.


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