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Using State of the Art and Proprietary Neural Science Artificial Intelligence technology (Artificial Wisdom, we call it) developed more than 20 years ago, we make sure the match between Employers, Hiring Managers, CEOs, Corporate Leaders, Decision Makers and Employees/Partners are 100%.

It is a tall order but one that we are extremely comfortable about.  We provide proprietary in-house psychometrics assessment tools, screening services, and interview consultancy to help companies avoid 100% bad hires and achieve 100% great hires.

Nothing is left to chance in our assessment.  So there is no gut feel, no sniffing out the good versus the bad, no let’s try and see.  It is simple. Easy to use decision tools that is simply spot on!

So easy, it can even be used with your children.


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Andrew Chai

Andrew Chai

Lead Consultant

Andrew holds 10 years of corporate leadership at Fortune 30 companies, including Swiss Roche Pharmaceuticals, American International Investment Companies and Aerospace Giant, Honeywell International and 20 years as a professional HR consultants to 15 global clientele in 12 countries.

He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physics (NUS)

Masters of International Management (USA)

Certified Corporate Coach (USA)


Professional Qualification

Professional Qualification

Certified Executive Coach

Source: Asian Wall Street Journal 2002

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