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Drawmetrics is artifical wisdom with an unfair advantage over humans
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What is the difference between Artificial Wisdom versus Artificial Intelligence?

wisdom /’w𝐈zd𝞉m/ noun : the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgement; the quality of being wise.


intelligence /𝐈n’tℇI𝐈d3(𝞉)ns/ noun: the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.

Drawmetrics incorporates the additional much sought after capabilities derived from 20 years experience and good judgement in the hiring process; which is an additional unfair advantage over humans.  It is consistent accurate results driven by AI and collective wisdom with good judgement.


How Does it Work?

Drawmetrics uses Symbols to create an “imprint” through our vision neural networks on a subconscious level, without interference whatsoever from our conscious and cognitive mind.  It accurately derives our subconscious interpretation of our current state of mind as we draw aspects of our inner self behaviors in many facets of our lives.

How can it be used in hiring processes?

  • The most important aspects of an human being is three fold: Mind, Heart and Soul.  Skills/Experience.

  • Nothing in our resumes/CVs contain any details about our Mind and Heart.
  • Typical resumes are focused on Work Experience, Education and Skills.
  • Nobody will truly tell you what they feel (heart), what’s on their minds (mindset) and what do they really believe in (values of their soul).

  • Drawmetrics extract these through the behaviour of drawing what comes to mind.

Specific Real Life Examples of Drawmetrics Results 

  • Trustworthiness is extremely important to this person.  If trust is betrayed, even in the smallest way, would be extremely difficult to regain trust, requiring a lot of patience, time and energy to repair relationship.
  • Stubborn by nature and not openminded to new ideas/concepts/thinking that she/he did not buy into.  Unlikely to be adaptable to changes required for this job.
  • Honest person by nature.  Believes in speaking his/her mind.  May lack tact sometimes.
  • Belief system is: if it is in alignment with company’s professional goals, will find a way to make it happen.  Leave it to him/her to take ownership.
  • Open-minded person with the ability to accept changes, even in short notice.
  • Innovative person with abilities to learn quickly on the job.  But also has high expectations of being appreciated for good work done.


What are being assessed?

Personal Value System


Belief System





Relationships with others


Current State of Career


Potential Blindspots






Personal Character


Benefits of Drawmetrics

Zero Bad Hires

We pride ourselves to have avoided hiring any bad hires in the last 20 years.  There are those we bet on it that our clients will regret working with and they agreed eventually.

Save Time and Money

Our Clients do not waste time interviewing candidates that do not fit their values, belief systems and culture. We need only 5 minutes of candidates time to ascertain this.

Perfect Match

In a lot of cases, we are able to guarantee a perfect match between employers and employees.  If we can’t guarantee it, we won’t hire them ourselves.

Up to 95% Accurate

Drawmetrics achieves a baseline of 80% accuracy without even meeting the candidate.  Our validating interview questions achieve the rest. All of which are customized to the specific candidate.  Automatically.

Pay as you use model

Our pricing model is tied to performance and each use of the tool.  It is extremely affordable and if perfect match is required, the investment is a small amount of the results generated.

Avoided Long Term Headaches

There are many long term headaches of Bad Hires, Bad Partnerships and Bad Relationships. We help our clients avoid these at a fraction of the costs of long term headaches.


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Put us to the test. Download our simple and easy to use Drawmetrics Instructions below.  Do it with people you know well but those we don’t know at all and see how accurate we are at describing them.

You will be amazed.

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